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The Platinum Overnight Service is available for productions that find themselves in an emergency time crunch. It offers overnight DCP Mastering, Validation and QC for full length feature films.


How it works

Sometimes despite the best intentions productions are only signed off just before final deliverables are required. It's for these cases that the Platinum Overnight Service exists - it's our premium priority express service for when only the fastest turn around will suffice.

It starts with a call to chat through your requirements and to check the studio schedule. Assuming there's an opening, we'll book it in and then begin organising getting hold of your master files. The Unravel studio is located 2hrs north of Sydney, 40 mins west of Newcastle on the outskirts of the Hunter Valley. You can either deliver your master files online, in person or we can arrange to have them picked up from your location (available only to Sydney, Central Coast and Hunter region customers).

Once we have your files, these are mastered overnight into a Digital Cinema Package. The DCP is validated and then goes through a full 100% QC session where it's critically viewed to ensure that the encode is perfect and there's no unexpected surprises from the master files provided to us. The DCP is then loaded onto your preferred distribution media and is ready for pickup the following morning. You can choose to have the DCP made available online, pick it up in person or have it delivered back to you if you are in our delivery region.


Files + Formats

When the turn around time is this tight, it's critical that all the correct files are supplied and are free of encoding problems, editorial mistakes or errors. Files should conform to one of the formats listed in the Spec Sheet. If they aren't, we cannot guarantee the turn around time as a resupply or extra work may be required.


Having all the correct information regarding a film and particularly its post production process is also a very important part of getting a DCP produced quickly. Things like knowing the colour space and gamma it was graded in, it's intended frame rate or if the film has a classification rating  are important elements. We'll clarify and check all of these with you.

Order by 12:00pm or drop off by 6:00pm:

If you require a pickup of your master files we, require a platinum service level order to be completed by no later than 12:00pm. Your master files that are handed over to us should be ready no later than 2:00pm. If you'd prefer to deliver your master files yourself or online then files must be delivered in person or have completed uploading to our portal no later than 6:00pm.


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Phone: 02 7903 9640

Mobile: 0411 350 829