Digital Cinema Packages are the format content is delivered in to cinema.

Whether advertisements, trailers or films, Unravel loves authoring, validating and quality controlling DCPs.



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When it comes to DCP conversion, it's easy to get lost in all the technical details. Unravel simplifies and streamlines the entire process for you. You provide us with your film, trailer or advertisement and we'll convert this into a DCP ready for playback in a cinema environment. 

We love mastering content and will serve as your lifeline, being on hand and happy to answer any questions you have along the way. 

Blazing Fast Turn-Around

Advertisements, short films and trailers are turned around in under 24hrs and can often be delivered back the same day. Full length feature films are mastered in 2-3 days.

Complimentary QC and Validation

We aren't happy letting a DCP go out without watching it ourselves to ensure it's exactly as it should be. As a result, we perform a quality control screening and also run your DCP through a validation process to ensure it's free of any technical problems that would prevent playback in a cinema.

Complimentary 5.1 Audio Upmixing

Only have a stereo audio mix? No problem, Unravel can upmix your audio to 5.1 surround sound at no additional cost. In a cinema environment, this helps place the dialogue and key effects behind the centre of the screen rather than off to the left and right side channels.

Complimentary Loudness Checks

There are standards for how loud DCPs can be for advertisements and trailers. We make sure to check your volume levels and adjust them accordingly to ensure your content plays back at the correct level and doesn't get rejected for being too loud or quite.

2K or 4K, same price

We don't charge extra for 4K mastering, so whether you require a 2K or 4K DCP, the price stays the same.

Framerate Conversion

In cinema, 24fps is the gold standard for international compatibility. However, there's a large amount of content that is produced at other frame rates. While compatibility with frame rates other than 24fps is actually quite good now, it is often still necessary to create a 24fps version of your content. Unravel can assist in doing this as well as the pitch correction of your audio. Depending on the project, the complexities of doing this can vary significantly, so if it looks like your project will require frame rate conversion, it'd be best to get in touch with us to chat it through.

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Includes: 5.1 Upmix, DCP Mastering, Validation + QC screening.
Turn-around: 24hrs for ads, trailers and short films. 
2-3 days for feature films.

$30 each + GST

KDM Creation
Creation of a Key Delivery Message (KDM) to unlock an encrypted DCP where required.


A link to download a copy of your DCP online is included in the mastering costs. Generally this will be a .zip of your DCP that you can keep for archival purposes or pass on down the chain.

Included - $0

USB Thumb Drive
USB Flash drives are the most economical way to deliver DCP's that are shorter in length such as advertisements, trailers and short films. All drives are preformatted as EXT2 to ensure maximum compatibility with cinema servers.

8GB - $8 + GST

16GB - $15 + GST

32GB - $20 + GST

64GB - $40 + GST

CRU Carrier (DX115)
The DX115 carrier is the industry standard way of delivering DCPs for feature films. Our carriers use Solid State Drives instead of the typical mechanical drives to ensure incredibly fast ingest times and increased durability in transit. All drives are preformatted in the EXT2 format to ensure complete compatibility with cinema servers worldwide. The carriers can be purchased outright or can be hired for short periods of time if required.

250GB - $300 + GST

500GB - $400 + GST

Carry Case - $100 + GST

1 Week Hire - $40 + GST

File Specifications

Unravel prefers to work with file formats that will maintain the visual and auditory integrity of your content. Below are the specification sheets that outline the best formats and files to deliver to us. If you have any questions, or aren't able to deliver in these formats, please get in touch and we'll try and help out.