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Unravel specializes in the quality control of digital media for film distribution.


Phone: +61 411 350 829


Ensuring there are no errors in the final picture and sound of a film is a critical step in post production. Unravel's quality control service combines both automated and manual review processes to detect and diagnose a range of issues including: framerate mismatches, macroblocking, digital hits, gamut errors, hot pixels, framing issues, excessive grain/noise, variances between audio mixes and host of other common issues. Our QC service delivers a technical report that outlines the specifications of the tested file along with operator notes, timecodes and severity indicators.

Single-Pass vs. Multi-Pass

Our single pass QC service combines the use of automated QC tools along with a full manual review of your film by a QC operator to catch issues that automated tools can't spot easily (skipping frames, contextual mistakes, color grading problems etc).

For masters that contain multiple audio mixes (i.e. Stereo, 5.1 and M&E) we offer multi-pass options. Like our single pass service, this is a combination of automated processes and full manual review. However, a multi-pass service means that an operator performs multiple manual passes through your film so all audio mixes can be checked. This helps to catch any significant differences that exist between mixes or audio errors that are contained in one mix but not another. An added benefit of the multi-pass service is that the picture of your film is also viewed multiple times by an operator, resulting in an extremely thorough manual analysis.

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PSE Testing (Photosensitive Epilepsy)

PSE (Photosensitive Epilepsy) testing is required for distribution in some markets. Unravel offers PSE testing and can provide a Harding test certificate for successfully passing media.

Netflix, iTunes, Amazon standards conformity

If your master is intended for delivery to an OTT provider such as Netflix, iTunes or Amazon, we will perform testing specific to those platforms to ensure that your file conforms to their published specifications.

In-house VFX Correction

Unravel has a range of in-house VFX capabilities that can correct issues that are discovered during QC such as hot pixel fixes, grain reduction, freeze frames, color correction, framerate conversion, title design and more.


1-Pass QC Service

Wide format support

1-pass QC review (1x audio mix)
Timecoded QC Report 



$100 SET UP +

Multiple Passes




Covers additional passes where multiple audio mixes in a single file require review.

PSE Harding Testing

Wide format support
HDR compatibility
Harding Certificate



$100 SET UP +

Complex Requirements?

Do you have requirements that aren't covered here? Please get in touch and let us know so that we can put a custom quote together for you.

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