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The Interopable Master Format (IMF) is the emerging standard for file based masters of audio visual content. Unravel is one of a small number of facilities in Australia that master to this format and can assist with the creation of IMPs (Interopable Master Packages) for service providers such as Netflix.


Phone: +61 411 350 829

Studio Compliant Interopable Master Packages

We create IMPs that meet a variety of industry specifications. Whether Netflix, Amazon, Fox or otherwise, we can master to your preferred distribution specs.

2K | 4K | Same Price

We don't charge extra for 4K mastering, so whether you require a 2K or 4K IMF, the price stays the same.

IMF for Archival

In addition to creating IMF delivery masters for content distributors, Unravel also creates IMF masters for archival purposes that preserve a lossless version of content.

Supported Standards

IMF is a continually changing format that evolves with the needs of studios, post production facilities and service providers. As such there are multiple standards within IMF. Unravel currently supports the creation of: Application #2, Application #2E and Application #4 (Cinema Mezzanine)

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File Specifications

Unravel prefers to work with file formats that will maintain the visual and auditory integrity of your content. This is especially true for IMF mastering since your packages will often be quality controlled by a service provider. It's therefore essential to ensure that the highest quality deliverable is supplied so that a perfect master can be generated.
File Specs
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